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Rugby World Cup

Hospitality Promotion


A direct mail TRY-umph

The Task:
To deliver a stunning promotional campaign to drive demand for Rugby World Cup hospitality packages.

We Delivered:
Working closely with renowned creative agency Agency Inc, we transformed their innovative ideas for a direct mail campaign, aimed at raising awareness and encouraging purchase of hospitality packages for the Rugby World Cup 2015, into a reality. We printed, laminated, die cut and produced some examples of the finest and most creative marketing collateral you have ever seen. The process included sourcing the most life like grass known to man! In fact, it looked so good it transported you straight to the stadium!

The Results:
We fulfilled and mailed the packages all over the country. Communication and creative thinking throughout the project were paramount to its success and the feedback we have received since the parcels hit recipients’ desks has been outstanding. Touch it, feel it, smell it: printing can truly breathe life into your campaign.

Contact us on 020 8844 3780 or at askushow@darwindidit.com for further information on this or any other project.